Thursday, July 16, 2009

Struggling with everything...

Well, today is supposed to be day 11 of my pre-op diet of only shakes right? WRONG!!! I've totally had to change my diet due to low blood sugars. Yes, the nurse has approved it but the messed up part is that I have eaten some carbs. I've only lost 6 lbs and I feel like I totally failed already. I'm not giving up on the surgery totally but I'm concerned that the doc will not do it once he sees I didnt have the 10 lb weight loss the nurse said I should. I don't know if I'm getting freaked out for nothing but I feel like I should starve myself until Monday.

Ok...that was my vent. About the 6 lbs...I can totally see a difference in my body. I know it sounds weird cause its just 6 lbs but I must have lost inches too! I cannot wait to have more results after my band.

I just keep praying I'm doing the right thing.

1 comment:

  1. STAY STRONG AND CONFIDENT! 6lbs is awesome! especially since you havent even had the surgery yet!