Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pre-op diet & program fee

Ok the complaining isn't going to be as bad as the other day :)

I still have to basically drink them down but not as bad as it was initially. The chocolate is the best. The vanilla is going to need to be mixed with coffee. Im trying strawberry tonight at work.

I'm done cheating cause thats what it was. I'm sticking to shakes only. I've got to make sure that I have 5 per day. I have yet to do that.

Tomorrow and forward I will be perfect. I already ate a couple bites of chicken at lunch so I ruined today but I havent messed up since.

Program fee...I just found out that I owe an additional $250! I was put off by this and then I realized that if I was told I could be skinny (as I call it) I would pay anything. So whats another $250. Its worth it!

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