Friday, July 31, 2009

Ive been the worst blogger....

I am so sorry for not posting sooner but so much has been going on...


Well, my dad was hospitalized over the weekend because his right leg was bothering him. Well, he is still there and they found that his heart is bad and now his mind doesnt seem clear at all. In fact, he has been saying some pretty off the wall things. He told me that the nurse and doctor were a husband and wife team at an apartment they had him at! Oh gosh, I am sick over this with him. We've been through so much already - he had a transplant in 2000 after years of being sick and my hubby and caring for him since I was 19! Yes, life was delayed before and now it seems history is repeating itself!

I feel so down over his condition and the fact that I still can't have my surgery. I just want my surgery! I weigh 240.8 again! The shitty part is that I've been going to the gym everyday, everyday!!! Not once or twice here and there, everyday!!! I need my band!!!

Please hang in there with me...I'll keep you posted!!!

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