Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pre-Op Diet....I am obsessed with food!!!

Ok...totally not going well. I hate the shakes, they taste awful. I almost threw up trying to drink one down quickly in the car this morning. I'm supposed to have NO FOOD, 5 shakes and 1 snack bar a day.

Who the hell can do this for 14 days???? I dont think its me! I honestly dont. I think this is bull$h#t! I dont know that Im going to make it through. Tonight at work I got really sick - light headed, confused, weak, etc! I wanted to start working out can I do that with this?

The only good news is that I lost 1.2 lbs in just one day. I will weigh in first thing in the morning and see what happened after today.

I am absolutely positively obsessed with food!!! I can't stop thinking about the fact that I cannot have it. I am so mad at myself that I did this to myself and have to go to such extremes because I didnt control myself with FOOD. I feel guilty & cant wait to see some results so I can just move on from this bitching and complaining. I want to start being proud and bragging about the bangin body Im going to have!!! LOL!

We will see what the scale brings tomorrow ;0


  1. 1st of all I wouldnt workout while on Liquid diet I didnt I was just to weak. 2nd what Kind of Protien shake are you drinking? I got one called Muscle Milk and it tastes just like a Milk shake I have it in Chocolate aned Cookies and Cream its delish. If you are thinking about food read a book. take a shower. do something to get your mind off of it. I made Hairbows for my daughter while I was on the Liquid diet because all I could think about is how many more days I have until I can eat again. This will pass and then soon you will be able to have food again you just have to be strong and follow what your doctor wants you to do because if you cheat he may tell you that he cant do the surgery because of that. I hope that this helped you can email me if you need me!!

  2. We're getting banded the same day and I'm on the 14 day diet too. It does suck, but as Mary said, the muscle milk is really pretty good as shakes go. I do have to do a protein bullet or ISOPURE after dinner and don't like those at all. But, I'm doing what needs to be done also and not loving it. We can do it, it would be WAAAAY worse to show up for surgery and our liver is not small enough for the dr to do our surgery! You'd have to do this again! Be strong and keep yourself occupied. You can do it! :)

  3. Mary & Kathi...I wish so bad that I could drink something other than these expensive shakes but I cannot. Im not drinking enough of them first of all. Ive yet to drink 5 in a day. Thats my biggest problem - what a dork! You are both so right. I will regret it big time if I show up and cant get the surgery. After all this!!!