Monday, June 22, 2009

On my way skinny!!!

Well here's the short & sweet story...

I'm a 33 yr old wife and mother.

I met my husband in high school weighing around 145, graduated around 190 and within a year shot up to 235 - thanks to fast food!!! We got married when I was 21, weighing 265 - those pics hurt to look at. I yo yo'd for the past 15 years with a low of 212! What a low!

As a mother of 2 year old triplets I want to be the best mother and being healthy is a huge part of that. I'm doing this for me and them!!!

In April 2008, I was sick of the yo yo'ing. I heard of the band, did research and contacted the bariatric center a few people I knew went through for gastric bypass. By July, they submitted to insurance only to be turned down because they were not in network. What a fricken mistake on their part. Boy did that piss me off!!! I gave up on the band.

The last day of August 2008, I joined the gym and began to lose. 35 lbs in 6 weeks. I hurt my back about 8 weeks into it and slowed my workouts then they completely haulted. Bad habits returned and I slowly gained the weight all back.

In May 2009, the same lady from the bariatric clinic called me as she had a few times over the past year but this time to say that they were in network and wanted to know if I was still interested. She was SO nice to me through the whole process before so I respected her and decided to come in to talk to the doc again.

Long story short, I'm approved and scheduled for pre-op tesing July 1. My surgery is July 20. I can't believe it - I'm going to finally be skinny!!!

Follow my journey as they band me skinny!!!


  1. YAY! I found your blog on LBT, Its comming up quickly and before you know it you will be losing weight like crazy!!!

  2. Im so following your blog now too! So impressed with you - total inspiration!!!